My California Unemployment Insurance Benefits have run out, what do I do to extend my benefits?

You can get your California EDD Unemployment Benefits Renewed and Extended

Finally, Some Quick Answers about Unemployment Extensions to UI Benefits


We have three clear cut methods to use when applying for extended unemployment benefits in California


Keep those EDD checks arriving for up to and over 26 weeks




Unemployment benefits in California typically last only 26 weeks after you have been laid off.  Most people are so shaken up from their layoff experience, they are not made aware of this till the 26th week of their unemployment benefit period.  Seriously, you've just lost your job and everything you know, all you want is some time and some peace so you can figure out your next step.  The problem is in today's job market, landing the next job may take longer than expected and it becomes necessary to seek ways to extend your UI benefits.


Recently, I was laid off when my Fortune 500 company downsized.  I started receiving unemployment checks and they were a breath of fresh air allowing me to survive while looking for my next job.  To my dismay, the jobsearch took more than the 26 weeks allotted by unemployment insurance and I was left hanging in the wind without anymore cash.  At first I felt pressured to take any job I could but I decided first to try to extend my benefits.  I went up a lot of blind alley ways online and in a perpetual phone mail hell with the California state government.   Waiting on hold, infinite useless hits in online searches were common.  How could I get an unemployment insurance extension?


Just at the point I was ready to give up and figure out how I was going to live on zero dollars, I remembered a worker on an assembly line that I'd supervised back in the roaring 90s.  She seemed to know a lot about all the social welfare systems and I oftentimes was shocked at how many loopholes she and her friends used.  Some of them made me downright mad considering I was paying for this stuff.  The story that stuck in my head was how she planned to get UI benefits after she QUIT working for me.  No way I thought, you have to get laid off.  Nope she said, she was going to relocate and this allowed her to get "relocation unemployment benefits" even if she had quit.  I didn't think much of it till HR came over after she left and told me that we were picking up the tab for her unemployment benefits.   She unlocked a poorly known secret.   These secrets were far beyond what I knew was available because I always worked, my parents always worked and nobody I knew up to then was on welfare of any kind.  I knew she would have some tips for my current situation.


In desperation  I called the "expert".  When she picked up the phone she was quite cheerful when she heard about the layoff.  I was miffed at first because I thought she was happy to see her supervisor down for the count but in reality, she was excited to finally be able to show her old boss her absolute brilliance.  And brilliant she was.   That girl knew the system inside and out and that is how I learned of three ways to extend UI.


It turns out, there are three ways to renew and extend the time one gets unemployment benefits in California.  Unfortunately, they are not easy to find and even harder to get information on by wallowing through the automated phone answering system from EDD.  This is because they don't want everyone rushing in and extending their benefits who wants more money from EDD.  Is it a anti unemployment conspiracy?  No, they just want you to get your act together and get back to work.  Also, the unemployment welfare office is a classical government bureaucracy.  Although it is fiscally responsible, it creates a sense of urgency for the recipient to take any available job during this brief initial period.  They want this because their goal is to get you employed as quickly as possible.  I believe however, that rushing into a new job out of desperation is a recipe for misery.  You need time to plan it out and figure out what you want.  Therefore it may be useful to learn the methods that I discovered to extend your UI benefits.


Take a look at your check stub attached to your EDD check.  What you will find is the amount of money remaining on your balance.  That is the amount of money left in your EDD piggy bank.  When this number goes to zero, you will receive no more California EDD checks.  The big problem with watching this number go to zero is you have a limited amount of time to get your 26 week unemployment benefit extension application filed.  If you wait too long, it becomes harder and harder to apply for extended benefits.  You can use the appeals process to attempt to apply after your filing windows, but it just makes your case tougher.  So don't delay, get the answers today and get paid extended ui benefits for the next six months.


I wrote a concise no nonsense eReport on these techniques.  They are standard ways in which the state has allowed for exceptions in the 26 week cuttoff period of payments.  In my eReport on extending your California unemployment benefits, you'll learn:


 three ways to apply for a 26 week extension to the existing 26 weeks of unemployment checks


 the critical time windows in which you must act


 the magic words to mention to your case worker that will open up the doors for extension


 how to effectively fight an appeal


 phrases that turn a cold social worker into a cooperative and helpful human being


I am currently offering this to the point no nonsense eReport for only $9.99.  I could give it away free but this eReport is solid gold and can potentially put cash in your pocket for the next half year.  For a small investment up front you can potentially get six more months of freedom.  I can send it via email or in paper form through regular post.  Ordering details are under my Products link HERE.


Good luck with your extension process.  I hope my eReport helps save you some time and frustration.